Action Needed! Small Wireless Facilities Act of Illinois

Fellow Members:

As you may know, the Small Wireless Facilities Act of Illinois (SWFDA) is set to end June 1, 2021! If it sunsets, or amended, it will have significant and costly effects on the way our industry does business in Illinois! There are many bills being debated right now in Springfield. There is only one bill that the industry currently endorses: HB2379. HB2379 simply extends the current law, as written, for another 5 years. There are many opponents to this bill (352), and it needs YOUR help!

The first public hearing on all the bills is this coming Monday, March 22nd. We need you to show your support for this bill. Please file two witness slips showing your support of HB2379  (one slip in the committee, another at the sub-committee level). Simply click on the links and follow the instructions. PLEASE DO THIS BY MONDAY MORNING!


As your regulatory person at ILSWA, please feel free to contact me at any time this weekend if you have any questions or problems filling out the slips.

 Slip for HB 2379 in both the Small Cell Subcommittee and the Public Utilities Committee hearings using the links below:

Witness Slip (  (Small Cell Subcommittee link)

Witness Slip (  (Public Utilities Committee link)


Fill out your information


Description – Original Bill

Select – Proponent


Record of Appearance Only

 Agree to ILGA Terms of Agreement

Create Slip

You do not need to appear at the hearing Monday if you file a slip.  Your slip is your appearance.

Any Questions, please contact Joe Farwell (; 847.343.1811)



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